timber framed

Timber framed buildings are a modern method of construction but still comply with building regulations, although costs can be similar to standard construction. There are a number of benefits to using this method:

  • Thermal performance is vastly improved due to the 125mm of thermal board insulation in the wall.

  • The build is cleaner, with no need for cement mixers and cutting bricks.

  • Aesthetically gives a modern edge to your building and with so many options in which to dress the face of your building, such as charred timber, zinc cladding, cedar cladding or shingles, plastic cladding, composite cladding, tiled or silicone render.


We have completed several unique extensions in this method and over the years these have become very popular.

timber 2.jpg
timber 1.jpg


We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards when it comes to extensions. Our company originates from a carpentry background, precision with every aspect of the build from foundations to the last roof tile comes as standard to us.

All our extensions are signed off at each stage of the build by approved building control officers and at the end of the project a completion certificate is issued, as well as a part P electrical certificate.

Most single storey extensions to the rear and side can be constructed under permitted development (without planning permission) as long as it falls under the allowance of no more than 4m out and no more than 1.5x the width of your house.


Side extensions can be the length of your property but no more than half of the width, this may vary with different councils. This does mean that if you have an idea for a build you most likely won’t need to have drawings done and we can plan, price and build it from

your ideas.

extension 2.jpg
extension 1.jpg